Sunset Photography with Larissa Dening

On your daily stroll for exercise and fresh air, why not bring your DSLR camera and capture some snaps of the neighbourhood or local park along the way?   

Larissa Dening, a professional Brisbane photographer and photographer instructor, has some tips for photography ‘on the run’ as well as how to capture Queensland’s stunning winter sunset and sunrise skies from your home garden or deck.  


It depends on what you want to shoot. So, somewhere like here at Wilson’s Outlook, you’ve got the bridge with the city behind it, so a nice wide shot to fit everything in. You’ve got a nice boat moving through the water there, so that’s good foreground and interest to capture.  

Good composition can be things with leading lights or a nice jetty down the middle of your photo leads the eye to the end of the jetty. A lone tree in the water at sunset or sunrise, you could do a little exposure, to smooth the water out. 


Finding a good location involves getting out early to scout the location. Finding a foreground interest that you want to photograph before all the colour comes at sunset and sunrise. 


Weather is a big factor in photography. So cloudy days are actually the perfect time to shoot because you get diffused light. Checking the weather before you want to go shoot is a really important factor in your photography.  

And a final tip, if you’re a beginner, is practice, practice, practice. That’s what I was told at the start and your first ten thousand photos will be your worst!  

Got a camera? Why not take it with you on your daily walk… or set up for some cracking sunrise or sunset shots from your garden or deck? 

 Details of Larissa Dening’s online E-courses -including capturing pastel sunset skies and landscape photography can be found here.

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