Taking to the skies in a YAK52

Gold Coast Adventure Flights offer thrilling joy rides in their Russian built Yak 52. The scenic flights they offer take in beautiful views of Surfers Paradise as well as many of the southern beaches and hinterland.

For those who like an adrenalin rush, Gold Coast Adventure Flights offer thrilling ‘Ultra Aerobatic Flights’ that really put the aeroplane through its paces. It can reach speeds of up to 300kms per hour and can pull up to 7gs.

Anyone from the age of 12 and up can feel like a WW2 fighter pilot on a Yak 52. Prices start at just $195.

For those looking for somewhere to chill out after a thrill ride, and still take in terrific views of the Gold Coast, then RACV Royal Pines is a great option.

It’s got a great selection of rooms, a day spa and an 18-hole golf course. RACQ members get a generous a 25% discount off accommodation.

Gold Coast Adventure Flights


RACV Royal Pines


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