The Bush Tucker Experience of K’Gari

Dive deep into the history of K’Gari’s Butchulla people with Kingfisher Bay’s bush tucker talk and taste experience or you can jump the queue and savour the flavour of Fraser in a candlelit setting at the island’s signature Seabelle Restaurant.

Surrounded by a whole island of inspiration, Chef Elvis has specially curated Seabelle’s award-winning degustation menu.

Menu delicacies include a paperbark baked barramundi.

“If you open it up, you’ll see a dehydrated lemon myrtle that’s been infused into the fish along with macadamia nuts,” Chef Elvis explained. “The flavours of the macadamias are rich and you get that nice hint of lemon from the lemon myrtle.”

“The flavours should be very nice and complementary to one another.”

There are also lilly pilly berries on the menu which are grown right on the island.

“We create a glaze out of it, almost like a chutney,” he continued. “That is paired with our desserts but also interestingly we pair it with our savoury items.

Items like the kangaroo dish.

“We created a very nice lilly pilly and apple chutney and the sweetness offers a very nice counteraction to the gaminess of the kangaroo.”

Kingfisher Bay turns 30 this year and to celebrate the island’s connection to the Butchulla people, a brand new Seabelle is set to open its doors this summer.

“These flavours are flavours our native people relished in,” Chef Elvis added. “These are very important to them so I think it’s very important that we put this out there because it makes us so unique…”

“You don’t get these ingredients from anywhere else around the world so I think it’s really important to showcase how we can change these native ingredients and present it in a contemporary manner.”

Take your native culinary journey to the next level by sampling one of the bush-tucker inspired cocktails at the island’s newest bar, absolutely perfect for pre or post-dinner indulgence.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on a bespoke gourmet getaway to paradise on Queensland’s K’gari with Kingfisher Bay Resort.

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