What’s brewing in the City of Ipswich

It’s no secret that the City of Ipswich is a haven for rich history and vibrant culture but when it comes to the food and drink scene, head into the centre of town where things are really brewing.   

Tap’d Beer Bar  

Located within the PA Hotel, Tap’d is quenching the thirst of eager Ipswich locals and people from all over in a big way with 72 beers and ciders on tap. That makes it the biggest beer bar in the southern hemisphere.   

“We identified craft beer as the way that the beer industry was going and there’s so much flavour and it’s so different that we thought 72, we could just get enough variety,” said hotel manager, Peter Coultas. “We get beers from Europe, local producers, Victoria, all the southern states and limited releases.”  

As for the food, there’s aren’t many other places you’ll find fresh local Red Claw on the menu. Or how about a deep-fried Mars Bars to tickle your fancy?  

Tap’d Beer Bar 
170 Brisbane Road, Ipswich 
3282 1577 

4 Hearts Brewing 

Located in the old Tafe building, 4 Hearts Brewing is the only craft brewer in the CBD where head brewer Ken has been perfecting the brewing art for two decades!  

“Over 20 years ago I started to really get into beer just through home brewing and then it was about 2016 I thought yeah it’s time to take the leap now, time to make this a profession, make it a lifestyle,” he said. “I applied for a course in Germany, and went and studied in Berlin for 6 months!”   

Upon his return to Australia, he soon started at 4 Hearts and the rest is history.   

Under the 4 Hearts Umbrella is Pumpyard Bar where you can taste Ken’s creations amongst the brewery tanks and Dovetails Restaurant, a finer dining experience. They meld together to form an impressive little hub.    

And what better way to bring food and beer together than with a pairing? The pale ale with the wings or burgers, the smoked maison with the pork pizza or ribs, the combinations are limitless.   

4 Hearts Brewing 
88 Limestone Street, Ipswich 
3282 9076 

Ungermann Brothers  

A great way to finish (or start) any day (or night) is with ice cream! And in the CBD of Ipswich (just at the entrance of the laneway to 4 Hearts Brewing in fact), Ungermann Brothers has you covered. Yes, you probably recognise the name.  

Ben Ungermann rose to TV fame in 2017 opening this Ipswich institution alongside brother Danny shortly after.  

With flavours like licorice and fennel, dutch spice, blue cheese and caramelized fig and wait for it… salted caramel chocolate and potato chips, as well as all the old classics there’s something for everyone.   

The secret to the success here is they don’t use anything artificial. In fact on the way into the 1950s themed store, you pass via the kitchen where you can view the ice cream making process in all its glory!   

Ungermann Brothers 
88 Limestone Street, Ipswich 
3281 4038 
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