“The Heart is A Star” by Megan Rogers

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “The Heart is A Star” by Megan Rogers… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Written by debut author Megan Rogers comes a thought-provoking and utterly vivid read that demands a place on your bookshelf. Get ready for QBD’s Fiction Book of the Month, “The Heart is a Star”.

This story follows Layla Burns – an exhausted woman juggling a demanding job, a disintegrating marriage, her children, a needy lover, and a histrionically unstable mother. However, this year – everything changes. When her mother rings just before Christmas, she doesn’t follow the usual script. Soon, Layla drops everything to rush to her childhood home on the wild west coast of Tasmania. She’s determined to finally confront her mother – find out what really happened to her father – and lay some demons to rest.

Perfect for fans of Holly Ringland, Jacqueline Maley, and Hannah Richell, this engrossing title beautifully follows the messiness of midlife, and shows us how we can uncover our true selves when we’re forced to face the myths that make us.

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