The Lost Book Of The White by Cassandra Clare

Lee and Vic weren’t the only ones to love The Lost Book Of The White… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

‘The Lost Book of the White’ is the second book in the Eldest Curses series, written by bestselling author Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu. For fans of characters from The Mortal Instruments, this new spin-off series also includes the return of fan favourites Clary Fairchild, Jace Herondale, Isabelle Lightwood, and Simon Lovelace.

Like catching up with old friends, the new trilogy gives Shadowhunters fans a great chance to find out more about their much-loved characters. Similarly, as Simon Lovelace’s point of view was recently explored in Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy. Now, three years into their relationship, the somewhat secondary characters in The Mortal Instruments, Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood have a baby in tow.  Affectionately called ‘Malec’ by Shadowhunters fans, there is no disappointment in this new instalment as the romance and passion between the two is still very much apparent.

‘The Lost Book of the White’ follows on from the short story in the Magnus Bane Chronicles, where readers were introduced briefly to Max Lightwood-Bane, their adopted warlock baby. Unable to settle with their existing challenges of parenthood, the pair find themselves on a new adventure chasing down Magus’ stolen book of spells ‘The Book of White’. In an opening that begins an action-packed sequence of events, readers are transported to Shanghai. The story deepens to reveal the warlocks Ragnor Fell and Shinyun Jung, who stole the book from Magus are being controlled by a greater force. Further complicating the mission is the fact that Magus has been seriously wounded.

The second novel of The Eldest Curses Trilogy, comes in a reversible dust jacket featuring a new design while the original matches the artwork of the first novel in the new series ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic.’ With plenty of action throughout the whole book, and a cliffhanger ending to match,  it’s a good read for anyone who has enjoyed the screen adaptations and novels to date and an anticipated follow-up for Magnus and Alec fans alike.


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