The Mister by EL James

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The brand new story from the author of Fifty Shades of Grey introduces us to a new love story, set in Britain.

Maxim Trevelyan used to be a care-free rich bachelor. He long ago resigned himself to the fact that he was the spare heir in the family, and that his older brother Kit would be saddled with the burden of titles and responsibilities. He could, therefore, follow his passions -indulging in parties, women and studying music and fine arts.

When Kit dies suddenly Maxim’s whole world turns upside down and he needs to assume the mantle of the next Earl of Trevethick. Struggling to overcome his grief and the weight of his new responsibilities,  he crosses paths with Alessia, a beautiful young woman in his employ… and the romance begins.

Alessia has survived what can only be described as a traumatic human trafficking incident and made her way to London, working in wealthy Londoner’s houses and trying to stay under the radar. The only moments she seems truly happy is when she plays the piano at Maxim’s house. She pours her heart and soul into every piece that she plays, and this is what ultimately draws Maxim to her.

There will be a few detractors of this book because let’s face it, this type of romance is not everyone’s thing. However, if you like an easy read, that’s gripping and full of music and witty back and forth, then this book is for you.

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