Three Veg and Meat by Olivia Andrews

Here is what the QBD crew thought…

I have been trying to get my family into more healthy eating habits for ages so when I saw this book on the shelves, I could not help but flick through it. I only had to see a couple of the recipes to make my mind up and buy it and I could not be happier.

The first recipe I made was the “corn dogs to be proud of” (names are hilarious in this book) and the family loved it for dinner. They are quite elaborate to make but I got them right on the first try as the book is quite clear. I am not a beginner in the kitchen, but I am quite sure anyone could follow the recipe without getting lost. I also had a try at the “change-your-life chicken nuggets” and oh boy, what a discovery! I made enough to freeze, and next time I’ll make sure to plan ahead and prepare 3 or 4 meals because I can see these becoming a regular in our dinner table.

I also tried the “Ain’t-got-no-beef steaks, mash and gravy” and it was good, but I don’t know if I can make that a regular meal for my family. Also, it’s fun to try but you kind of miss the steak… maybe a bit further down the line, when we are used to more veggies in our diet, we can give it another try.

Overall, what I have seen/tried so far has been good and I have several more recipes that I really want to cook in the next weeks. A great book to introduce veggies in our daily meals and to expand my cooking book collection.

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