The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney

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JP Delaney’s ‘The Perfect Wife’ is a thrilling novel with a romantic twist that’ll leave you unable to put the book down. Help solve the mystery of Abbie’s disappearance with the Artificial Intelligence ‘cobot’ that her husband Tim created to unravel a story of lies and betrayal. I would recommend to anybody who enjoys a Sci-Fi/Crime fiction thriller.

– Brittany, QBD Traralgon

Under its skin, this book is more than just a story about a robot. Be prepared to take a deep breath and dive into a thrilling narrative; a desperate tale of love, loss and sacrifice. This book does not shy away from the grim realities of humanity’s desperation to fill their voids with technology and will keep you enthralled until the very last page. Unputdownable.

– Bella, QBD Mt Ommaney

Tech mogul Tim has tragically lost his wife and instead of moving on and grieving like expected, he invests five years of time and funds into creating a replica of his beloved. Only this replica isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. Becoming more human every day, “Abbie” starts to realise her existence isn’t what she was led to believe. A psychological thriller, unpredictable and fast-paced!

– Tricia, QBD Bondi

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