The secret side of Fraser Island

Fraser Island is known as an island paradise for holiday makers. But during World War II it was mostly uninhabited, and its remote location made it the perfect place to secretly train the Allied Forces’ most elite soldiers. These soldiers were known as Z Special Unit, and this group is referred to as the earliest version of Australia’s SAS.

Secret side of Fraser Island

The conditions on Fraser Island were close to what Australian Forces could expect to face on the Pacific Islands, where they were fighting the Japanese. Z Special Unit were trained as experts in covert missions and mostly worked under the cover of darkness. There are few remnants on the island that were used in their training, like McKenzie’s Jetty and the remains of their camp.

Secret side of Fraser Island

Over the course of the War, Z Special Unit trained over 900 soldiers and completed 81 missions, the most famous of which saw them destroy 7 Japanese ships in the Singapore Harbour. The 3D mud map they used to plan the attack can still be seen at the Fraser Commando School site.

Secret side of Fraser Island

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