“The Woman In Me” by Britney Spears

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “The Woman In Me” by Britney Spears… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

In her debut title, “The Woman In Me”, Britney Spears has crafted an amazingly honest and brave memoir that focuses on motherhood, survival, faith, freedom and most importantly hope.

In the impactful events of June 2021, where Britney testified in open court – finally speaking her truth and her story – the whole world was listening, and it unequivocally altered the trajectory of Britney’s life and sparked a social campaign that was the #FreeBritney movement. “The Woman In Me” reveals the incredible vulnerability and admirable strength of one of the greatest musical performers in pop history.

This memoir symbolises the significance of women finally being able to share their stories, on their terms. Britney has had so many people in her life try to silence her, some of which are shockingly people who were supposed to care for her. The stories Britney shares are dark and heartbreaking, but the tenacity and joy Britney has for her life and loved ones shines through. We highly recommend adding “The Woman In Me” to your November reading list!

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