Till Death, Or A Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part by Kathy Lette

Chris and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love ‘Till Death, Or A Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part’ by Kathy LetteHere is what the QBD crew thought when they met at Leonards Bar & Bistro!

From the mastermind who brought us “Puberty Blues” and “How to Kill Your Husband: And Other Handy Household Hints” comes a brand-new story “Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part”

When Jason Riley is announced dead after an alleged shark attack, Gwen races to the beach to find the remains of her husband. Her shock and heartbreak are soon interrupted by Tish. A woman who had just found out that HER husband was killed in the shark attack. Soon, these women discover they were both married to a bigamist who sent all of their money to a mysterious business partner in Egypt. Together, they will build new friendships, discover more about their inner selves, and of course, try to take back what is there’s.

Kathy Lette is an award-winning, talented writer with numerous bestsellers under her belt. Her superb writing and storytelling skills are extremely prominent in this new, captivating title. It deserves a top spot on your bookshelf!

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