Tropical Fruit World

Situated less than 2 hours from Brisbane CBD, Tropical Fruit World is an agricultural celebration of the sweet fruity flavours of the tropics!

The 165-acre property boasts over 500 varieties of exquisite fruit-laden tree, a fauna park, and even a boat ride!

If you are a family with young children, Tropical Fruit World offers a brilliant day trip option, with a bunch of great outdoor activities, and the presentations and tours allow children to learn where their food comes from.

It’s highly recommended to book a plantation tour, this will allow you to explore the beautiful orchards and sample food straight from the tree. It also includes a presentation where you can learn about the incredible seasonal produce from the farm, and you will also get a tractor ride to the animal farm to feed some adorable native animals and farmyard favourites.

While there, you simply must visit the Plantation Café, their clever cooks in the kitchen craft fresh produce into nutritious and delicious snacks the whole family can enjoy; you can even picking your favourite fruits to be blended together with ice cream, to create new unique tropical flavours!

If travelling from Queensland during daylight savings, don’t worry, Tropical Fruit World works on Queensland time, so you can plan the timing of your trip with ease!

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