Visit the remote side of Fraser Island

There is no mistaking the natural beauty of the world’s largest sand island. K’Gari or Fraser Island stretches for over 120 kilometres and is approximately 22 kilometres wide. It’s a size that’s difficult to comprehend until you’re standing barefoot in the sand, surrounded by natural beauty.

Getting around the world’s largest sand island can sometimes be a challenge which is exactly why you need a boat!

Tasman Venture’s Remote Fraser Island experience uncovers the untouched beaches of the stunning west coast of Fraser Island. The tour highlights three locations; Bowarrady Creek, Awinya Creek and Wathumba Creek. Each spot is incredibly unique, from rugged sand dunes to secluded winding creeks.

As well as breathtaking natural surrounds, you’re also treated to a range of watersport activities during the tour. Tours depart daily from Hervey Bay, and a delicious lunch is also included.

If you’ve ever thought of visiting the Fraser Coast, there’s never been a better time! Start planning your visit here. If we’ve inspired you to jump on board with Tasman Venture, book your tour here.

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