Walk this Way… for Heart Health

It’s simple, easy and at just 30 minutes a day, walking is one of the best ways to enhance your heart health.

And evidence shows that walking in groups is even better for you… and your ticker.

So why not lace up the runners and hook up with one of more than 1200 Heart Foundation walking groups nationwide?

Around 85 socialising strollers make up the St Lucia Riverside Walkers – and they meet 5 days a week to leg it through the leafy Brisbane suburb of St Lucia before ambling across the University of Queenland campus.

There’s a lot of friendly chat – and even a club mascot in Brookie, the Border Collie.  Plus, the club is always open to new members.

Like to join the lovely folk strolling around St Lucia? You’ll find details here.

Or search for your nearest Heart Foundation walking group here.

And if you’d like to start your own group, this page has all the information you need.

The Heart Foundation website has plenty of great online resources for healthier hearts and longer, happier lives.

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