Wave goodbye to your worries and head overseas in 45minutes!

There’s something about heading overseas that makes you feel as though you’ve truly left your worries behind.

If you’re looking to disconnect or reconnect, there’s a precious place just off Brisbane’s coast.

North Stradbroke Island, or Minjerribah, as it’s traditionally known, is a place of timeless, natural beauty that inspires calm, culture and creativity.

It’s the perfect antidote to city life, whether you visit for a week, weekend, a daytrip, or for one of the Island’s many events.

It’s an easy and comfortable 45minute cruise from Cleveland to North Stradbroke Island, on SeaLink’s Vehicle or Passenger Ferries.

Once you arrive, the World’s your oyster, and a fabulous reason to visit is for The Straddie Arts Trail from 11- 14 August.

Local artists, like Cath Carroll, will throw open their studio doors to showcase their talent and their love of Straddie.

“There’s a feeling. It’s like how the world should be, you know?” is how Cath describes the island.

Visitors can meander across Minjerribah, meeting the makers at pop-up collectives, galleries, film screenings, workshops and more.

More than 60 artists will share their works, wisdom and connection to the Island.

Peaceful Brown Lake or Bummiera, is a place of inspiration for lino artist, Mahala Burns.

She may be new to this year’s Straddie Arts Trail – but Mahala has a deep bond with this island.

She says “It’s the feeling you get when you’re on country, ancestors have been here for thousands of years and you walk on country, you feel proud of country. Some people dance and tell their stories. We’ve got beautiful cooks who cook with traditional tucker and I like to paint it and draw it”

Mahala’s printed teas towels and linen are visual love letters to bush, sand and sea.

Over 60 artists will be showcasing their passion during the event and if you find yourself inspired to get creative, you can join one of the many workshops.

Danny will share traditional Māori basket-making in workshops for the Arts Trail.

Whereas Straddie artist, musician and environmental scientist, Paula Boo, weaves her passion through her music and her art.

Check out the program on the 4-day event from 11-14 August.

But if you can’t make it, you can experience the island’s creative flair any day of the year at one of the studios and the galleries.

Getting there? EasySeaLink run multiple services daily – a return passenger trip starts from just 10 bucks. Buy online and go anytime, with tickets valid for a year!

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