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What is Lee Carseldine’s Favourite Book?

Have you ever wondered what Lee Carseldine likes to read? Or if he reads at all? We recently caught up with Lee to see what keeps him turning a page.

Did you know that Lee Carseldine has just started a book club with Victoria Carthew, and that you can join in online? Check out their latest reads, and what they thought here!

I love books because…

It helps me relax, forces me to stop, slow the heart rate down, be in the present moment. I wasn’t a big reader in my youth but over the years I am enjoying reading more and more.

My favourite book is…

It is tough to pick just one, so I have to pick one from each of my three favourite genres. My favourite autobiography is Open by Andre Agassi, my favourite business themed book is The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell and my favourite self-education book is the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.


My favourite genre is…

Autobiographies, self-help and entrepreneur/business style books.

I read…

Three to four books a year (depending on how long they are and how many holiday breaks I get!)

My favourite time to read is…

On a deck chair in the sun with a beer or at night before I go to bed!

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