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The Outback town of Winton sits about 180clicks north west of Longreach and it’s famous for the Winton Outback Festival.

It’s also the Dinosaur capital of Australia, the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and home to Queensland’s Boulder opal…but the town has many more gems to discover.

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Winton’s other claim to fame is the World’s first permanent musical fence. The Musical Fence is located next door to the Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum – one of the many great examples of how Winton’s proud to preserve its historic past.

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There’s certainly a uniqueness to this town that you won’t find anywhere else and one of the best ways to discover its little charms is by catching up with a local.

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Vicki Jones is one of Winton’s newest residents, though her love for the town runs deep. She fell in love with the community and recently started Winton Red Dirt Tours so she could share her love of the region with visitors.

Vicki’s been a tour guide for over 20 years and her new self-run business offers a variety of tours – from journeys out to the dinosaur capital, National Parks, town tours and off-road adventures to places that no-one else goes.

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The Sunset Tour through Rangelands Station offers spectacular views as the bus heads off-road through jump-up country. Vicki’s a trained Savannah Guide with a wealth of knowledge and passion for geology. She guides visitors through the maze of caves and rift formations, which are a spectacular example of mother nature at her finest.

As the sun sets over Rangelands, it reveals its true magic.

As the name suggests, the Rangelands Sunset Tour promises spectacular views of a famous outback sunset.

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Qantas Link can get visitors out to the outback, with daily flights to Longreach from Brisbane.

Red Dirt Tours

Rangelands Sunset Tour $55

Historic Town Tour $20

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