You Need To Know by Nicola Moriarty

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love You Need To Know by Nicola Moriarty… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

A brand new thrilling family drama from the bestselling author, Nicola Moriarty, You Need To Know is a page-turning, topical new read with a masterful plot.

At the heart of Jill’s family lies a secret – concealed, festering and harmful, that is slowly surfacing beyond her control. The extended family had planned to gather for a holiday, including Jill and her three sons, their wives and children. But not everyone in the family is going to make it to their destination. Tragedy strikes on the trip to the holiday cottage, as a terrifying road crash tears the family apart.

An adventure and rollercoaster ride of a family drama, the themes and plot of this book are weaved together graciously to form a brilliant mystery thriller book. A great new edition to any crime fiction lover’s bookshelf!

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Recognise the Carindale Hotel? It’s a great spot to slip away with a good book…

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