An Art Exhibition with Heart

As part of giving back to the community, Toowong Village will be exhibiting “The Heart Gallery” from Friday, 31st March until the end of May.

The centre commissioned a local sculptor to create 10 two-metre-tall hearts, which were then brought to life by just as many local artists.

Shoppers will be able to spot these gorgeous art pieces on Gallery and Level 1 and if one of the sculptures pulls at your heartstrings, you might be able to take it home with you! The hearts will be up for sale via an online auction that will run the length of the exhibition. The proceeds of each sale will go to the sculpture’s assigned charity.

Artist, Peta Harvey painted “Village People” and her charity is Baby Give Back.

“I always think that people and community are very much a part of any village, so I wanted to paint faces and people and the diversity I see when I come to the shopping centre,” explained Peta.

“I think the quality of each and every one of these hearts is just beyond my expectations, it’s really amazing. So, to be amongst those artists is quite an honor and really excited to be a part of it.”

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