Queensland’s Golden Girl of the Heptathlon

She famously attributes Pavlova as the nutritional powerhouse behind her Olympic performance – and calls herself a ‘connoisseur’ of Vanilla Slices.

But the secret to Glynis Nunn’s athletic success is far sweeter… a recipe that blends focused vision, hard work and the support of loving family and friends.

Queensland’s golden girl – who won dual gold medals in the Women’s Heptathlon at the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games and the ’84 LA Olympics – has recently joined the ranks of legendary sportsmen and women in Queensland Sports Hall of Fame.

But she remains as down-to-earth as the country farm where she now lives – along with horses, cows, dogs, cats, chooks … and her partner, Mike.

One corner of their century-old farmhouse in the Gold Coast hinterland is an altar to her victories: a home for her two Olympic Gold medals and sundry memorabilia of her shining career.

“When I did win in LA at the Olympics, I really can’t remember anything,” Glynis confesses. “From the time I was told by a friend that I’d won by 5 points, I was up with the pixies.

“I think winning the medals was just an accumulation of hard work and all the choices that I made. A lot of people say they’re sacrifices, but I don’t think you sacrifice anything if you truly want to achieve something… I tried to do everything I could to make my dream, as a 10-year old, of going and representing Australia at the Olympics, come true.”

Glynis was the first Australian to win an Olympic track & field title since Mexico in 1968 and is the only Australian to win a multi-discipline track & field event.

It was the highlight of a 30-year career as an athlete, coach, selector, administrator and commentator.

The 1984 Australian Sportswoman of the Year, Glynis Nunn was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in ’85; was an inaugural member of Queensland Sport Hall of Fame in 2009; and has now joined the ‘elite of the elite’ in 2020 – as the 20th legend in the Queensland Sport Hall of Fame.