Meet Peter Hackworth

Peter Hackworth is a legend in Brisbane’s restaurant and market scene.

It all started back when Peter was 21 and her mother’s life insurance matured leaving Peter with enough money to start up her first business.

“I started in 1957 in my first restaurant so I’ve been in markets and restaurants for well over 50 years,” she said. “And I’m still in markets and I love it because I love the people.”

Peter’s first business was café bistro, Primitif which operated for 17 years. Sadly, it was lost in the floods of ’74.

Next on her list was the Riverside Markets which Peter started in the car park of Cat’s Tango.

“I’d hardly advertised and it got packed,” Peter said. “By the time expo came, we had 150 stallholders and they made all their own stuff.”

It wasn’t long before the famous Eat Street Northshore was born, but Peter admits she wasn’t sure if it was going to work.

“And it went so well!” she said. “It’s just something that was needed and a great tourist attraction because it’s right on the water, and very good for families.”

“I think what I’ve operated on my whole life is just instinct, intuition and imagination, and I don’t think I’ve needed anything else. That’s something I think you can operate on. You’ve just got to believe in things and go ahead and do. And I think liking people makes a big difference.”