Meet Chouquette Bakery

If you’re a bakery fan, you’ve no doubt heard of New Farm’s Chouquette, a family owned authentic French bakery and patisserie located on Barker Street.

“We are a family of five and originate from Normandy,” said owner Fabrice. “When we were kids in France, all the bakeries were family business, we knew the people and it’s something we want to replicate here as well.”

Chouquette which has been running for 15 years, specialises is pastries, cakes and breads using traditional French methods and ingredients.

“There is nothing frozen coming here in our kitchen,” said Fabrice. “I am a very traditional person in terms of food. I like the way it’s made properly. We only do the fresh things and using the best local and international product we can find to make it as authentic as possible.”

It doesn’t come more authentic than the butter used in all the pastries.

“Isigny Ste Mere butter which is the butter we use in all our pastries, it’s the best butter in the world and it’s also very close to my heart because my Grandparents were dairy farmers and selling their milk to this company.”

“Brisbane is a very nice city. It’s like a big big village and it’s what we like here,” Fabrice said. “The only thing which was missing was the French food!”

Visit Chouquette Bakery at 19 Barker Street, New Farm and taste it for yourself!

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