The Scenic Rim Adventure Park

The Scenic Rim Adventure Park is a 275 hectare park that is a campers’ paradise. It’s has huge amounts of space to set up camp, and plenty of room to explore the outdoors. It’s back to basics camping at its very best.

The park’s biggest draw is its 28 kilometres of four wheel drive tracks. They cater for all levels of expertise, from beginners right up to the hardcore four-wheel drivers.

For beginners, a great way to enjoy the trails is by taking part in a four wheel drive awareness course. It’s a great way to learn the basics and increase your confidence behind the wheel.

The course runs for six hours and includes theory and practical lessons. The course is led by an accredited trainer and morning tea and a BBQ lunch are also served.

For everyone else, there’s plenty to do at Scenic Rim Adventure Park. Kids can explore the park’s two mazes, as well as spend countless hours climbing trees, exploring gullies and relaxing in nature.

You can check out more of the Izuzu range here.

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